The Wonderlings #SummerOfAdventure

So how’s 2016 been for you so far? A touch chilly? A tad dull and drizzly? We definitely feel your frustration. We’ve had some wonderful adventures outdoors, but they have mostly happened between rain showers. After a handful of sunny days in May, goodness only knows what happened to June. But all that’s behind us now. We have the whole of summer in front of us – and we have high hopes.

This Summer, we’ll be making an extra effort to enjoy the outdoors, to make up for all those soggy Saturdays and Sundays we’ve had this year. And to try to encourage more of you to do the same, we’re going to be challenging you to take on a wild challenge every week during the summer holidays. We’re calling it #SummerOfAdventure, and we’re inviting you and your wonderlings to join in. We’ll also be offering special weekly discounts off products in our collection, so it’s well worth getting involved.

So keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so you can take part our challenges, and take advantage of our #SummerOfAdventure offers. Or be the first to get exclusive discounts by signing up to our newsletter.

Here we go – it’s going to be the best Summer yet ☀️

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