30 ideas to join #30DaysWild this June

It’s nearly June (yes, June!). Which means we *should* soon be firing up the barbecue most evenings. Fingers crossed eh? But what we do know for sure is that the arrival of June means it’s time for The Wildlife Trusts’ #30DaysWild. It’s basically an excuse to do something wild every day for a month. Just small things – quick, simple things that remind us how easy it is to connect with the nature around us. We’ve been getting ready for our 30 days with our little wonderlings by putting together a list of things we can squeeze between school runs and bedtime. Hope you’ll join in too! 

30 ideas for #30DaysWild

Lie on your back and watch the clouds 
Smell some flowers on your way home from school 
Close your eyes and listen to the birds around you – how many can you hear? 
See how many different shaped leaves you can collect
Take a watering can and water all the flowers in your local green space
See who can be the first to find a bug
Find a real ‘Stick Man’
See how many flowers you can name on your street
Run as fast as you can down a (grassy) hill
Climb a tree
Grow something you can eat
Jump some waves
Find a wild herb and learn its name
Collect some rain in a container and measure how deep it is
Draw hopscotch outside with some chalk (remind yourself of the rules here)
Eat your breakfast outside
Skim a stone
Chase a butterfly
Sit still and silent for 5 minutes outside
Try to mimic a bird’s song
Wind the window down in the car and feel the wind on your face
Make a daisy chain
Feel the bark of a tree with your eyes closed
Whistle with a blade of grass
Find the smoothest stone
Write your name using things you’ve found in the garden
Find a spider in its web
Make a pebble tower
Listen to the sounds you can hear at the beach
Feed some ducks

If you do take part, be sure to join in the fun on social media and share your photos using the hashtag #30DaysWild (and don’t forget to tag us too @WonderlingsCo on Twitter or Instagram).

Prepare to get wild!

Love Anna

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